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I began tinkering with metal and gems almost 20 years ago. I started on one tiny Ikea desk and eventually developed a full-on addiction that led to a total garage studio take-over. (Condolences to the hubs) 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and forged completely by hand. My goal is to maintain that delicate balance between fine workmanship and the unique character only true artisan jewelry can possess. I shamelessly stalk independent lapidary artists all over the globe and spend all my extra cash collecting their fair trade, hand-cut stones. I'm also mindful about using green materials when possible; i.e., reclaimed, upcycled, & ethically mined. So most of my pieces fall into the "shop small" category from start to finish. 

Over the years I've peddled my wares in all the usual places: website, Etsy, local trunk shows & misc boutiques. I've been featured in a few galleries, and donated countless pieces to local & global charities/not-for-profits. In 2014, the Dallas Observer gave a nod to my "wearable art" and honored me as one of their 10 Best Dallas-based Etsy shops -- I still don't know which of my friends paid them off. 

Due to my unpredictable limitations, my pieces are extra slow crafted. I've suffered with hereditary spine issues since age 25. To date, I've had three spine surgeries, two fusions and several invasive procedures to manage chronic pain, herniations and sciatica caused by premature spondylosis (degenerative deterioration), ankylosing spondylitis (inflammatory spinal arthritis), congenital spine stenosis (abnormally narrow spinal canal), and congenital spondylolisthesis (misaligned vertebrae). If I could sit at my bench all day, all week, all month, I would. There's really no place I'd rather be. But metal fabrication takes a lot of physical strength, and I can only work so many hours a day. I'm grateful to have such a rewarding creative outlet that works around my unpredictable life, though. And who wants rushed, mass-produced art, anyway?

All that to say: I HURT, SO I'M SLOW. New items are usually available in limited quantities every 2-3 weeks. Lead times for custom orders are typically 4-6 weeks. Customs are often closed due to spine issues. And apologies if you've been waiting a while for fresh stock - promise it's coming soon!

Thanks for looking, and please follow me on Instagram for a peak at upcoming jewels, promotions & sales, or just to make fun of my terrible social media skills. 

Polly Simon || smithy
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